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UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party Directory. Independence Party Candidates web sites, Councillors, Local Branches, MPs , UK Independence Party related Weblogs & web sites. Unofficial online directory round the UK Independence Party present days & history.
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UKIP Chichester
UK Independence Party in Chichester. Manifestos, newsletters and contact details.

This website is dedicated to The UK Independence Party, and to fighting for British Sovereignty.
This site is dedicated to providing information which you may have missed on any subject that affects our country and the governments ability to perform its function. Please feel free to comment on any item, and question any article. We will respond as quickly as is possible. This site is promoted

UKIP Mid and West Wales Branch
UK Independence Party in Mid and West Wales Branch. News, articles and contact details.

UK Independence Party Mid and West Wales Branch UKIP EU EU-sceptic EU-realist
How Many Sheep in Cyprus? EU Wetland Ban on Combines You Owe £1 Trillion Pounds Hello. Thank you for visiting our site. U.K. Independence Party is the one major political party in the United Kingdom pledged to take us out of Europe because we feel the approximate per annum of £50 billion is

UKIP Dudley now has a NEW SITE. Please ignore the old site (ukip-dudley.com).
Our new site will keep local people in touch with our latest campaigns and how they can get involved.
We've also got information about when we'll be in Dudley town centre to talk to.
Please have a look at the new site for details of forthcoming meetings, social events, Cllr Malcolm Davis surgeries and UKIP Dudley press releases.
You can also contact us via the site and download our leaflets and petitions.

UKIP Dudley is fighting for the wishes of Dudley people against the Dudley mega-Mosque, and to make Dudley town centre great again. We stand for common sense and democracy and freedom from the EU.

UKIP Bradford
UK Independence Party in Bradford. Manifesto, policies, news and events.

Polling Day 4th June 2009 on behalf of the United Kingdom Independence Party, 1 Woodlands Avenue, Queensbury. Bradford BD13 1DW.

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India's Modi says developing nations need space to grow
Developing countries need room to develop while fighting climate change, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi told delegates at the start of two weeks of U.N. talks in Paris on Monday. "The prosperous still have a strong carbon footprint and the world's billions at the bottom of the development ladder are seeking space to grow. Earlier, he held talks with U.S. President Barack Obama during which Modi pledged to ensure India's development would go "hand in hand" with environmental protection, while Obama acknowledged India's right to grow and fight poverty.

Drifter to face murder charge over Colorado shooting

Police photo of Robert L. Dear, the suspect in the November 27, 2015, shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado SpringsA 57-year-old drifter arrested over a shooting spree that killed three people and wounded nine at a family planning center in Colorado was expected Monday to be charged with murder. Robert Lewis Dear, who surrendered to police at the scene, was to be advised of the charges against him during an afternoon court hearing, conducted by video link from the jail where he is being held. The nearly six-hour standoff Friday again put US gun culture in the spotlight and triggered renewed debate over Planned Parenthood, a network of not-for-profit women's health care clinics that offer pregnancy checkups, contraceptives and abortions.

In unexpected twist, Assad ally may be Lebanon's next president

Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri chats with Lebanese Christian politician and leader of the Marada movement Franjieh in BaabdaBy Tom Perry and Laila Bassam BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanon's political crisis has taken a dramatic turn with the possibility that a friend of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could become president in a power-sharing deal aimed at breathing life back into the paralyzed state. The idea of Suleiman Franjieh, a childhood friend of Assad, becoming head of state has taken aback many Lebanese, not least because of who tabled it: Saad al-Hariri, a Sunni politician who leads an alliance forged from opposition to Syrian influence in Lebanon. It is no less startling because of the backing it would require from Saudi Arabia and Iran, rival states that wield decisive influence over Lebanon's competing factions and which are in conflict elsewhere in the region, including in Syria.

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